Overview Of Popular Solar Panel Kits

Fed up of seeing a quite increase in your power consumption bill? Want to make a change to your power utilisation? Why don’t you try solar energy which is available free of cost. Confused how solar energy could reduce the power consumption? Read further to know much in detail.

Why to use Solar Energy?

* Solar energy is in abundance and we need not pay to generate the available energy.

* We can reduce our power consumption bill.

* We can have power even at remote places.

* As the requirement is mainly the energy from the sun, we need not worry about the power during our travel.

* Charging devices, electricity vehicles and other appliances can never be a problem wherever you are.

Solar panels at a glance:

Once you have decided to control your power consumption bill, it is time for you to know more about the solar panel that is being used widely. There are a variety of panels available to choose from. Each panel is used to satisfy different purpose. Some may prefer a panel to be installed at home and some may need electricity during their travel and some might need it on their boats and trucks. Which panel suits whom may be your question. Here is quick information on some of the popular panels. Renogy 100 Watts Kit: Renogy 100w is the best kit for starters. It is suitable for one who is on the move in boats, RV’s and trailers. Since this kit comes with ready-to-use tools, one need not to go looking for the tools you need while installing these panels. This type of panel has a higher resistance such that it can withstand large amounts of heat and can produce more power.

Renogy 200 Watts Kit: This kit consists of two highly efficiency Renogy 100 watts panel. The power could be expanded up to 400 watts. It is one of the panels that could be easily installed and could be charged as early as in 1.5 hours. It could be installed at home, boat or even in trailers.

Windy Nation 100 Watts Kit: This is designed to work with multiple applications. It can produce 350 Wh per day. The main plus point is that it has the capacity of producing power even during cloudy days. This is more suitable for short trips and people who are planning to install it for short term.

I could hear you say “I need solar panels for my home”. If that is the case, then do not wait until the next increase in your power consumption bill. There are various other panel kits that are available for domestic uses. Analyse the proper panel kit to be used and go for it without delay.

Panels can produce desired output only when the captured energy is stored properly. Though you may invest more on the panels, a generator with an improper battery or a not suitable battery would not provide you the desired output. Don’t fall for just words like “New solar batteries for sale: 12v 35ah battery”. Check whether it is suitable for your panel and your needs. It is also important for one to go through various batteries and solar generator reviews before purchasing one.