How To Choose The Perfect Survivalist Knife?

If you like to spend a great deal of time outdoors and in the wilderness, then having your own survivalist knife is of utmost importance. You never know what danger you might face or what tasks you will need to do. But none of that will really matter if you have the best knife that can help you tackle any situation.

As the name suggests, these knives are an essential part of your survival gear when you go on your adventure. You don’t need to take a host of other tools as having just one of these will let you do a multitude of tasks.

Whether you are someone who has used these knives before or is looking for your very first one, we have a few tips that can help you find the right one.

1. The Blade

These knives can either be made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Both are great but you will choose one over the other based on your usage and what kind of tasks your knife will be used for. While stainless steel knives are known for their strength and are long-lasting, carbon steel ones stay sharp longer. Carbon steel knives however tend to rust and hence can be comparatively high on maintenance.

2. Fixed versus Pocket knives

Non-foldable knives are sturdy to the fact that they are fixed to their handles while pocket knives are foldable as they need to be easy to carry either as an EDC (Everyday carry) knife or as a survival gear.

3. The Handle

The handles also form a very important part of your knife and these come in a variety of materials. As the handle gives you the grip, its design and durability must be paid attention to. They can be made of metal, rubber, carbon fibre and other polymers.

4. Sheath

The sheath is not just to store your knife but it also protects the blade from the external environments. Sheaths come with external attachments to strap them onto to your leg or vest. They can also have holes for lanyard cords.

The sheath is applicable only for fixed blade knives as the foldable knives usually use the portion of the handle for the blade to go into. Pocket knives usually come with pocket clips so that they can be easily placed in your pocket and retrieved easily when required.


In addition to choosing you knife based on the above points, you can also read reviews that will give you an in-depth analysis of their performance. A great place to start is the 940 knife made by Benchmade 940 (review). As these knives are also similar to tactical and everyday carry pocket knives, you can also look into them as alternate options.

You can either look for best tactical knife in stores or search the internet for best pocket knives to buy.If you think, you need more help, then you can also choose to read up more information from dedicated sites like This will help you choose the right kind of knife that best suits your requirements.