Move over last year’s Quadcopter, welcome the Drones!

We all know how people were queuing up at tech stores in thousands last year. While some were seriously shelling out big money to buy the Quadcopter of their dreams, others were still drooling over the models and mentally placing them in their wish list. Others silently stood there in awe of what gigantic strides technology was making. And, now with the advent of this year’s Drones, the quad copters are already looking so ancient!

By any chance if you have not splurged your earnings on the last year’s dream machine, you are in for the greatest surprise! The Drones that have made their way to the stores are not only superior in terms of technology but they are absolute value for your money.

Why you should know what you are in for?

By any standards, investing in a Quadcopter or a Drone is like putting in a lot of money in getting a tech gizmo. You will need to study the models and browse what the experts have to tell you. There are people who have reviewed the products after using them and also as a part of a project. These reviews are there on the internet. You must read them before you zero in on any one for yourself.

Here is a low down on the best ones and the cheap ones which are still the best in their category. Read on to get a glimpse of what is in for you.

The best review for: Eachine racer 250:

This is a complete package. By the time you unpack it and run your fingers over this beauty, you have already fallen for its strong anodized body, its adjustable FPV camera and flashy LEDs. The quality is beyond words and there is hardly any copter than can even get close to it in the kind of finish and the performance that this lean mean machine guarantees.

The Hubsan X4 H107C performs good work too:

This palm sized mini copter is no mean machine. Don’t go by its size. It is one of the best copters that you can even think of laying your hands on. Most copter enthusiasts start with this model and at $75 it is a steal. It boasts of a 2MP camera which helps click stunningly clear pictures.

We thought that you would be interested in knowing the DJI phantom 4 price too. This professional copter which is the favorite of all professional enthusiasts is marked at 1199 USD. Big price but amazing machine and drool worthy looks. This beauty in white will captivate your senses. Visit

We all feel a need to be taken through a ride of knowing all the options available to us. You must visit this website in case you feel the same. The website has comprehensive test results of most of the popular models that are available in the markets today, both online and offline ones.